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Safenet approaches IT differently than most managed service providers. We do not operate as a break and fix managed service provider, instead we optimize your infrastructure and allow you to focus on your business. Our goal is to minimize stress and let your employees operate as efficiently as possible. If we aren’t inundated with calls from your employees, we know we are doing our job correctly.

Stop working with managed service providers that don’t cover every facet of your IT environment. Safenet has your business covered so you can work on things that matter.

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Effective solutions

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These are some of the many solutions Safenet provides.

System Monitoring and Alerting

Safenet proactively monitors all workstations and servers. We set up alerting on our end so we know when hardware/software is failing and needs to be fixed.

System Maintenance and Patching

You’d be surprised how many new clients we’ve worked with that missed countless security patches across their systems/software. Let us worry about making sure everything is up to date and secure.

Antivirus and Malware Protection

Safenet takes system protection very seriously- all of our managed clients gets industry leading antivirus solutions that keep you protected.

Server and PC Backups

All businesses should have system backups and a continuity plan that ensures it stays operational in all conditions. Safenet has state of the art backup solutions available that keep backups locally on your network and in the cloud.

Vulnerability Remediation

Safenet has sophisticated and advanced penetration testing tools available. Let us manage your network and be proactive in security.

Ransomware Protection

Safenet has advanced solutions that regularly scan and patch any potential threat vectors on your systems regularly.


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Safenet is a premier Connecticut based technology solutions provider. We focus on technology and allow you to focus on your business. Leverage the power of Safenet’s team at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own.


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